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Here's the lastest press release, hot off the press!!! HUZZAH!
Gen Con Scheduled to Emerge from Chapter 11!

Gen Con LLC announced today that the US Bankruptcy Court of Western Washington has confirmed the company's plan of reorganization and approved the company's rejection of a hostile takeover bid.

"This is bright day for us", said Adrian Swartout, CEO of Gen Con. "The entire team is looking forward to 2009 and continuing our growth as a stronger, more focused company. Our emergence from Chapter 11 is a testament to the skill and perseverance of our employees and the strength of the phenomenal Gen Con brand. Everyone here is excited to begin working outside of Chapter 11."

Since filing for bankruptcy protection in February of 2008, Gen Con has significantly reduced its expenses and increased its cash position. The company's cash flow is positive and prospects have never looked better. Under the confirmed plan, Gen Con will pay all of it creditors in full over time and will continue to operate. A three-member Advisory Committee will assist the company and its board, and Peter Adkison will retain ownership. "This is an extremely successful case," said Shelly Crocker of Crocker Kuno, Gen Con's bankruptcy attorney, "largely due to the efforts of Ms. Swartout and her team, and the cooperation of the Creditors' Committee."

Gen Con Indy 2009 will prove to be one of the best shows yet with thousands of events and hundreds of exhibitors. Gen Con attendees can expect to see all of their favorite programs such as the Costume Contest, Auction, Art Show, Family Fun Pavilion, eGame Arena and much more!
About Gen Con
Gen Con, LLC produces the largest consumer fantasy, sci-fi and adventure game convention in North America. Its operations include Gen Con Indy and licensees for European and Asia Pacific Gen Con shows. Gen Con is a consumer and trade experience dedicated to the gaming culture and community. For more information visit the website at www.gencon.com

Alright, I know I don't post much, but I was wondering, which of my friends are going to Gen Con? I'll be there starting Monday, through the next Monday morning. Leave a note if you need my contact info.


Just DO it!

esp. Code Monkeys
and re: Your brains

Busy with wedding details; enjoying my two new cats, and hey, who didn't tell me before now about Jonathan Coulton and how great he is? There, that's a heck of a lot of information in just a sentence eh?

Here are my pics from Japan, in case anyone's interested:


People have asked me how it was. There were great parts, and not so great parts. I liken the whole country to sort of like being on a stairmaster in a sauna. If we go back, I'd like to go back at a cooler time of year. Still, I did have a good time overall, saw some amazing things, and made some new friends! I think I enjoyed visitng Kyoto the most.

Just got back from about two weeks in Japan. Overall, I had a good time, but it's a logistically challenging country. Like I told some of my friends, at times I would compare negotiating the various public transit systems to working on a stairmaster in a sauna. I did visit some lovely temples, met some great Japanese Sci Fi fans, and got some great old videogame stuff (wonderswan crystal WITH a beatmania cart!) Still debating whether I should go into work tomorrow, but I've been up for about 24 hours now, and though I'm tired, I don't really feel like sleeping, if that makes sense.

In Yokohama for World Science Fiction Convention. Already met some nice people, having fun!!

Going to Japan next Tuesday the 28th, coming back September 10th. Never been there before! Going to WorldCon Japan for a few days, then just general touring. Hope to come back with some awesome video games.

Yes, I'm here; if anyone has any questions about me/Gen Con/anything, you can call/text me anytime. Need my info? email me at marimacc at gmail.com. Comes through on my phone so I can check it remotely and get you the info. But no, although I will be staying in the Mariott, I'm not checking in until Wed so I don't know what my room number is yet.

This is a test of the txtlj thingie; this is only a test.

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